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Pranses Research Services was founded in 1993. We provide custom market research services to a wide range of marketers and managers — from large global corporations to small, community-based non-profit organizations.

We answer their “need to know.” Most often that need reflects the decision to actively promote their product, service or organization. Often the questions are about creating the most compelling communications — from overall message strategy to the reaction to the specifics of advertising, direct marketing, Website content, packaging and shelf appeal. We work closely with advertising and public relations agencies.

We utilize all the major research tools, often starting a study with qualitative or secondary research, then using quantitative tools to establish metrics on specific items. For a full list of our services, please visit Services We Offer. As you’ll see from the following Service Team listings, we have very experienced researchers and recruiters, to maximize respondent interaction and participation rates.

Profiles of our past areas of study are organized into the Industries We Serve section. Visit here and learn more about the specific types of products and services, the types of issues and different audiences covered. Additional background information is provided in this section. It allows you to quickly see if we have worked in your area of interest or with a similar respondent group.

As we’re certain you’ll have questions, we provide both a Contact Us for convenience and a short recap of Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some general information on our Founder and President:

Terrence (Terry) J. Pranses — President & Team Leader
  • Over 25 years marketing, advertising and communications experience
  • Vice President at Young & Rubicam Advertising
  • Board and Committee member of various business and community organizations
  • Speaker for:
  • Articles for Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, The Hungry Mind, Stagnito’s New Products
  • M.B.A., Consumer Behavior/Marketing, Fisher College of Business (Ohio State University)
  • B.S., Management, Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania)