Business to Business - Sample Studies

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs
  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Training & Consulting Services

    Identify Most-Valued Programs


    Phase One: Focus Groups

    - CEO prospects organized by industry and growth rates.

    Phase Two: Telephone Survey

    - 100 decision-makers from target industries, segmented as clients, prospects and unaware.

    Key Learning

    Respondents recapped how they search for resources and what improves their reaction when consultants reach out to them.

    Relative rankings of program descriptions allowed the client to enhance and promote the most popular areas and emphasize industry-specific credentials

    Introductory umbrella programs were re-weighted to provide more depth with critical needs.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    IT Services

    Target Opportunities for C-Suite Sales


    Pre-scheduled In-Depth Telephone Interviews

    - 7 target industries

    - CMOs at range of appropriate companies/organizations across U.S.

    - Granular discussions lasting 30-45 minutes

    Key Learning

    Identified best targets and secondary targets, based on unmet needs and openness to new solutions. Noted high barriers to trial in a few industries.

    Differentiated message strategies based on industry and lead applications.

    Added dimension to crucial needs for collaboration and speed.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Specialty Electronics

    How Decision-Makers Shop for Solutions


    Pre-scheduled In-Depth Telephone Interviews

    - 7 industries across the U.S.

    - End specifiers and purchasing management

    - Roughly 30 minutes each

    Key Learning

    Awareness and utilization levels varied greatly from a list receiving multiple communications.

    Modeled different search patterns from browser search, to email and solicitation-reactive, to those dependent on specific websites and catalogs.

    Identified barriers to trial among prospects and reasons for lapsing among past customers.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Employee Benefits Software & Consulting

    Understanding Needs of Corporate Prospects


    Focus Groups

    - Human Resources and Finance Department senior managers

    - Small and medium-sized companies from several industries

    Key Learning

    There was a definite opportunity to improve customization of the software used and provide better access to different work group managers. Reporting capabilities were pivotal.

    Interest in employee access features varied greatly based on industry and employee education level.

    Different pricing models impacted interest levels, with upfront cost loading generally preferred.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Construction Materials and Support

    Prospect Needs & Expectations

    Competitive Frame


    Pre-Scheduled In-Depth Telephone Interviews

    - Inputs by Builder/Developers, Architects, Real Estate Owners, Property Managers

    - Segmented by building size, location

    - Prospects and current customers

    Key Learning

    Identified brand awareness and perception strengths and weaknesses within sub-targets.

    Probed cost concerns as well as interest in service and product improvements.

    Found new communications opportunities regarding service improvements.