Food & Beverage - Sample Studies

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs
  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Healthy Snack Line

    Health Focus & Product Appeal


    Focus Groups among frequent adult shoppers from households with children.

    - Exercises included competitive audit, taste tests and packaging review.

    Key Learning

    The product line has wide appeal for adults and children. Packaging and closely-related displays are very impactful.

    Learning identified ways to grow the product line, adding new flavors and explored a new branding idea. Specific healthy-interest inputs allow for clearer packaging claims. Positive findings are appropriate to share with the trade as national distribution grows.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Enriched Beverages

    Design Options for Packaging & Billboards


    Online Study of design options

    - 200 upscale adult primary shoppers

    - Focused on metro areas with most current distribution

    - Identified perceptions of users of lead competitor

    Key Learning

    Although two designs could add value, there was a clear winner throughout. It scored very high marks on "healthy for the whole family", a clear benefit. A secondary positive on the sourcing of a key ingredient could also enrich communications.

    Research verified consumer affection for the brand mascot, a useful selling point with retail decision-makers.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Entree Item Producer Board

    Expand Distribution & Share


    In-Depth Interviews with Meat & Seafood Category Buyers and Category Distributors

    - Quanti-Qual with adequate participation to compare U.S. regions, volume, ethnic and economic communities served.

    Key Learning

    Buyers and Distributors have some upfront perceptions, but are open to change to meet consumer demand and achieve higher margins.

    Identification of key attributes helped positioning versus competitors. The roles of pricing and product variety provided new segmentation in sales strategies.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Imported Cookies

    Evolve Packaging

    Promote Strongest Products


    Focus Groups and Home Use Tests

    - Upscale adults category buyers

    - Subset with children at home

    Key Learning

    The packaging needed a major revamp to have appeal in the U.S. market. Of three package design alternatives, one consistently scored highest and communicated appropriate quality.

    In-home use patterns and family feedback allowed focus on most appealing line items.

    There were differences in opinion on the taste profile and how it should be served. This impacted communications from point-of-sale to the web.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Fresh Food Retailer

    Clarify New Store Concept

    Evaluate Locations


    Online and Telephone Surveys of 500 Consumers

    - Feedback from both past customers at existing outlets and similar prospects

    - Results segmented by town, their leading grocery store(s), and attitudes towards food and cooking

    Key Learning

    Provided verification of the store concept and identified leading communications themes. Food categories were ranked in terms of key motivators to visit a new store.

    Identified best location site for first store along with rationale for that selection.

    Identified competitive weaknesses that signal opportunity for this marketplace entry.