Healthcare - Experience

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs
  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Home Health Care for Seniors

    Core Strengths vs. Competition

    Strongest Message


    Pre-scheduled In-Depth Interviews

    - Mix of in-person and telephone

    - Key stakeholders including Department Directors, Board Members, long-term Donors, Referral Agencies and Foundation-based Program Underwriters

    Key Learning

    The organization was held in high esteem due to its effectiveness in delivering quality solutions to many.

    Most external stakeholders are aware of only one or two programs and those would continue to receive their most attention.

    The name and positioning might limit ability to generate interest and financial support among prospective new donors and underwriters. A new name and communications initiative enhanced community receptivity and led to new alliances.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Support Services for Hospitals and Clinics

    Assess Outsourcing & Supplier Change


    Pre-scheduled In-Depth Telephone Interviews

    - Clinic and Supply Directors

    Key Learning

    Low awareness of the offering and a weak impression of prior competitive entries reduce upfront interest.

    Service levels are crucial and need metrics. Some prospects may try if highly referred with proven track record. Opportunities to test in less critical situations is key to longer-term activity.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Continuing Care Organization

    Added Assisted Living & Independent Living Capacity


    Secondary/Primary Communications Review

    - Online, media audit and shopper techniques used to assess competitors

    Focus Groups

    - Among independent seniors and children of seniors, who often help review options.

    Key Learning

    A wide range of facilities exists in the service area.

    Pricing and amenities provided opportunities to appeal to the upper-middle segment. Many facilities are not proactive in reaching prospects.

    Separate communications channels are needed to reach the primary and secondary targets.

    Review of layouts, amenities, potential names and slogans led to a communications campaign that could build on past strengths and showcase improvements.

  • Type of Product Issues/Needs

    Insurance Provider

    Enhancing Policies for Rehabilitation & Eldercare Centers


    Pre-scheduled In-Person In-Depth Interviews

    - Owners, Partners and General Managers at Facilities

    - Medical Directors and Directors of Nursing

    Key Learning

    There was enormous concern about risk management yet emphasis on cost control. Few felt that insurers had in-depth understanding of issues, leading to piecemeal package coverage.

    Sales training could enhance sensitivity to key concerns. A separate or add-on risk review and consulting package had wide appeal.