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On “Turning 25”
by Terrence J. Pranses

It started with a number of messages to my LinkedIn account, congratulating me on a “work anniversary”.

I’ve become a bit blasé about those anniversaries, but find them a fun way to keep in touch. Then I did the math and thought, “Wow, could this possibly be 25 years of running Pranses Research Services?” Indeed it is!

The well wishes came from many places, all important in my business life:

  • Colleagues from Young & Rubicam days. What an “alumni society”!
  • Association friends, including those from AMA (many with MENG roots), ANS, BMA (gone, but so important), OSU/Fisher and Wharton Club
  • Past Pranses Research interns
  • A variety of fellow marketing and communications services friends
  • Clients, past and present — a crucial part of the equation!

So as with all #25s, it’s time for some reflection. First I remembered my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, with some silver gifts and décor, and a great meal with my grandparents. Then, on the work front, I thought of so many stepping stones:

  • Those early clients, such as NYNEX (now Verizon) and Dominican College, who gave me a firm footing in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. Both were clients during my Y&R tenure, and we could help with their emerging research needs.
  • The opportunity to have a base of activity with the DMTG agency while pursuing standalone projects with a variety of clients. This was followed by happy collaboration with a variety of advertising, branding, digital and communications agencies, as specific clients had important assessments to make.
  • Many entrepreneurial colleagues, often a step or two ahead in seasoning, who conceptually advised on everything from the business funnel to outbound communications. Beyond sharing news on prospects, we formed an informal mutual support network to survive slow times and celebrate each other’s successes.
  • Taking on Board and Committee roles with BMA, QRCA, IACP and Wharton Retail Network. Contributing to the activities of these vital associations builds the skillset while helping the community.
  • Collaboration and continuing education! Each new project brings learning on a different marketing challenge and competitive frame. The keys to building a successful program include identification of the optimal target audience(s) and strongest message.

So, it’s a time to thank clients and associations. And it’s certainly a time for a big thanks to the many researchers, present and past, who helped with data analysis, interviewing and logistics. They include Alan, Brad, Edith, Janet, Karen, Kris, Mel, Patricia, Peter, Robin, Susan and Suzy. And let’s extend it to include our current interns: Neidy, of St. Peter’s University, and Sam, of Stevens Tech.

With you, we’re looking ahead to new challenges!

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