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COVID-19: This Moment
by Terrence J. Pranses

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you’re all living and working safely, and doing well.

Although COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, our business and non-profit organizations have shown great vitality as so many activities have moved to the Web.

Thanks to 1 Million Cups, American Marketing Association, Association of Nonprofit Specialists and PennPAC for hosting virtual meetings during these challenging times. Many signs of intelligent life in the midst of lockdowns. The newer members are interested in learning, not worrying.

And yes, we’ve had some fun sharing virtual cocktails and business-building concepts for now and later via the 100 Proof Gang of marketers.

In some cases, younger investors were looking for smaller ventures and new brands that could grow.
Cautious? Perhaps.
Looking beyond this challenging moment? Definitely!

I enjoyed facilitating recent meetings for PSS and Wharton Club of New York. Please do what you can with the non-profits in your community, including organizing and attending virtual meetings. Many of their services continue during these periods and a sense of continuity is crucial even if their typical mode is in-person.

Whether the issue is helping our crucial non-profits through these times or getting business up and running again smoothly, we see great resilience and appreciate many shared ideas. Information and success stories learned in one forum are probably relevant in some way for others.

Our top business idea, which the communications and marketing community is proving with each round, is the deep value of staying connected with colleagues and friends.

Attend -- Listen -- Contribute -- Reach Out

Terry wants to hear from friends and colleagues as we navigate the crisis and look ahead.

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