Services We Offer

  • Focus Groups are an excellent way to probe opinions and identify interests, needs and perceptions of competitors. Many of our clients prefer focus groups as a proven way to initiate the creative process
  • In-Depth One-on-One Interviews done in-person or via telephone provide the ability to talk at length with informed prospects, thereby bringing an extra level of candor to the findings.
  • Custom Quantitative Surveys allow us to quantify product and creative preferences, or to gauge relative awareness, perceptions and usage patterns. Telephone, Web and Mall Intercept and Direct Mail are used most often in these surveys. The best methodology for you will depend on the learning needed and the nature of your best prospects.
  • Ethnographies are often conducted in stores -- where the product is purchased. They can bring insights to the buying decisions within your competitive frame. Other ethnographies are conducted in the home or office, bringing greater understanding of how the product or service is used.
  • Marketplace Audits are designed to provide important background on new markets and categories. The findings can include: market size and key player identification, sample advertising and spending estimates, distribution channel structure and related press. Often cost-effective secondary research can be used to collect such information.

All studies are concluded with a written report or an interactive presentation to your team. This provides the foundation for your next steps — better product, positioning, targeting and communications.